Meet The Band

Danny - Lead Vocals

Danny was born at an early age and rumour has it his parents could hear him singing his nuts off in the womb! As lead singer with the band he formed with Mark and Chris, Danny has earned his place in the hall of fame of great singers and fantastic front men.

There ain't nothing this boy can't sing, and his gyrating groin in certain songs has become legendary ever since one female member of the audience was put in a hypnotic trance from staring at his ding-a-ling for too long. Take care ladies you have been warned!


Josh - Guitar

Josh is the new guy in the band. He has risen up through the ranks to his new found dizzy heights. He has always been around the band for some time now as he is Danny's son and so its been a natural progression to welcome him to the front line. Not only does he bring youth and energy to the band but he is gaining quite a following with the female fans.

Chris - Guitar / Vocals

Chris is a self-taught guitarist and is currently learning the piano. Although quietly spoken, he belts out the lead vocals in 'Rocking in the Freeworld'. His harmonies throughout the rest of the Foul Play set are second to none. He is highly thought of in the world of music, and has even had an article published in 'Guitar Magazine' on how to be a polished guitarist. For those of you who are interested, Chris suggested Mr Sheen and plenty of elbow grease!


Mark - Bass

Mark is one of the founder members of Foul Play and has been thundering out his blistering bass for many years now. Mark is normally known as 'Ruddy Mark'. Whenever it’s time to go on stage we can never find him and someone will shout 'Where is ruddy Mark?' Mark is a self-taught bass player, but started his musical career very differently. He was classically trained on the French horn and reached grade 8 before succumbing to the darkside of Rock. He normally has it with him so don’t be shy - ask to blow his horn!


Britney - Drums / Vocals

Britney's name stuck the first night he put on his head set microphone, and just like his name-sake, he too has been photographed climbing out of taxis with no knickers on!

Britney has been performing live and thrilling audiences for many years as part of different bands and all sorts of musical projects. He has performed as a solo artist and more recently as one half of a rock duo 'The Mighty One plus One'. He is more talented than he looks, and has even written and recorded a highly offensive comedy punk album as part of the band "Shepardz Pie". 

He was also co-founder of The Boogie Brothers Disco & Karaoke with Russ all those years ago in 1999 .

Talent and looks – yes ladies this man has got the lot!



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Forthcoming Gigs


Forest Row

Sat 28th April

Showtime 9.30pm




Sat 12th May
Showtime 9.00pm




Sat 2nd June

Showtime 9.30pm



Haywards Heath

Sat 16th June

Showtime 9.30pm



Five Ash Down

Sat 23rd June
Showtime 9.30pm




Sat 30th June
Showtime 9.30pm